With a super busy, on-the-go life, keeping my gym bag organized is a huge time saver and an absolute must. If you’ve ever gotten all the way to the gym after a busy day at work only to realize you forgot your running shoes or a change of clothes, you will know how important organization is!

If you are having trouble identifying your gym bag essentials and want to know how best to organize your gym bag, these tips will help you stay prepared with everything you need for your daily workout.

Know your gym bag essentials. What you need for a specific workout can change from time to time, but there are a few constants that you will always want to have in your gym bag. Make a list of those items you can’t do without and make sure they’re always packed and ready to go.

Organize your gym bag by separating clothing from shower items and cosmetics. This not only helps you stay organized, but avoids the potential mess of a travel-size shampoo exploding all over your yoga pants or running shoes. My #10 bag from OTG|247 is perfect for workout gear including clothing and I keep a #4 bag in my gym bag that is always stocked with after-workout shower essentials.

Go through your gym bag daily. There are some items you will need to replace or remove only occasionally (shower essentials) and some that will need to be switched out daily (towels, clothing, etc).

Don’t let your gym bag become cluttered. Only carry what you need. Having a clean and organized gym bag stocked with the necessary essentials makes my gym routine a breeze!

September 21, 2018 — {O}{O} Girl Abby