People say day-to-night looks as if they are as easy as pie. Truth be told, they are much more complex than they seem in the magazines. Accessories are what pull a look together because, face it, finding something casual enough for the work day that is also high-end enough for the evening Christmas party is hard work. When you have several party stops to make, you can’t just run home and make outfit changes for each celebration. Luckily for you, Diana, Holly and I are willing to share the accessories that help create out seamless day-to-night looks.

I am all about multitasking and my outfit must be able to do the same. The easiest and safest way to pull off a day-to-night look is to go fo simple. I pack my #10 bag with a pair of fabulous heels, throw on a touch of red lipstick, some mascara and I can go from work to play with minimal effort. The less hassle, the better. Let’s check out how the other ladies make their looks work.

Hey, guys! Diana here. I love to take a bold approach when it comes to my accessories. A cute patterned #6 bag is handy and a fun number to have when I’m on the go with the kiddos going to their pre-Christmas party play dates.  I just add the removable strap and am hands-free to handle anything that comes my way. This bag is also bold, sleek and fashionable enough to work a sophisticated night look for the evening holiday celebrations. Who said small things can’t pack a huge punch?

Hi, it’s Holly! As a public relations account executive, my days and nights blend together which means my work outfit needs to flow into a night look. Before I can hit the Christmas party with my friends I have to stop by a few client celebrations. My tip is to keep a statement piece on you. My bag #5 gato clutch is perfect. The size is ideal for holding touch up makeup, a phone charger and so much more. The best part is, it is the perfect conversation starter. I mean, come on. I’m a dog lover with a cat purse. If that doesn’t get a conversation moving, then I’m not chatting with the right person.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May your day-to-night be merry and bright.


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December 25, 2018 — Amie Swan