Start up the fire and put on the teapot! It’s time for a family trip to a winter wonderland. I tell you, theres snowplace like the mountains in Decemburr and yes, I was going to implode if I didn’t get that out.

I could not be more ready for the family trip to Colorado. Tate and I are finally going to teach the girls to ski this year and I am bursting at the seams. One thing that isn’t bursting at the seams though is my suitcase. This trip gives me yet another reason to get extra organized and fabulous using my OTG|247 collection.

One of the biggest mistakes parents make when traveling with kids is over packing the carry-on. Of course, you want to make sure the little ones have enough things to keep them busy but keep it minimal. Imagine having to run to boarding carrying your children and all their belongings. Exactly— abort that mission. This trip each kiddo is responsible for her own backpack.

Kids’ Packing List

  • A tablet loaded with movies or shows and kid-sized headphones to make the trip a little easier on their little lives
  • #6 bag to stock with all their little toys ie Hatchimals and Shopkins
  • #8 bag with a small box of crayons, coloring book and notepad for an impromptu artsy moment or 20 games of tic-tac-toe.
  • An empty water bottle to fill on the plane to minimize spillage

My Packing List

  • #4 bag with tissues, sanitizer and wipes because the travel germs are endless
  • Low-sugar snacks just in case airline food is a no-go & sugar-free lollipops for ears
  • Plastic bag for trash

I’m also keeping my hot #10 bag ready on this cool trip. The girls are big on removing their layers as soon as they come inside. As you can imagine, at restaurants, that can get chaotic. With the #10 bag, I can store their beanies, scarves, mittens, and muffs while they enjoy dinner. As for ski lessons, you can get there will be plenty of falling and that brings me to another reason I’m so in love with this bag. This bag is waterproof so that means I get to store those wet winter clothes away without drips, molding or strange smells and it doesn’t look like I’m lugging 10 pounds worth of snow soaked accessories.

Well, it’s time for me to get to packing. I’m ready to chill out.