Check out the links to my favorite items below!

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I am flying home for the holidays, so I've been looking for gifts that are easy to travel with. I love shopping in-store, so I've been spending the last couple of weekends shopping for everyone on my list. I am especially stressing about a gift for my boyfriend since it’s our first Christmas together!

Here’s a list of gifts I got for my family and friends:

  1. FOR FRIDAY (my dog): I’ve been watching videos of dogs getting SO excited about these bark boxes and I’m so excited to see how Friday reacts!

  2. FOR BFF: My best friend and I do Soul Cycle on Tuesdays, followed by tacos at our favorite Mexican joint to celebrate Taco Tuesday! She’s going to LOVE this tank!

  3. FOR GIRLS NIGHT: My group of friends and I do a secret Santa every year. With a $50 budget, I know my friend is going to love these!

  4. FOR MOM: My mom loves working out as much as I do, so I know she’s going to love this sleek FitBit!

  5. FOR BOSS: My boss is always on the go and always traveling. I know she’s going to love this OTG|247 Techie back and portable charger!

  6. FOR SISTER: My sister is a true yogi. The OTG|247 #10 bag will be perfect for organizing her gym bag. She’s also been dying to get this Liforme yoga mat. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees it!

  7. FOR BOYFRIEND PARENTS: I won’t be with my boyfriend’s parents this year for the holidays, so I love the idea of shipping over these personalize Ecreamery ice creams!

  8. FOR BROTHER: You can never go wrong with an Echo. My brother loves anything tech!

  9. FOR BOYFRIEND: I think I found the perfect gifts. This duffle bag for when he comes over to spend the night, and these slippers to keep his feet warm during the NYC winters!