I’m a big fan of work hard and travel harder but I’m still wondering if packing for the family is part of the work side or the travel side. I’m kidding, but I’m not.

I did find it funny that Emma has picked up my skill for juggling several tasks at once and is now asking to help me pack for our upcoming trip to visit Mark’s family. When I was younger, I was more focused on making everything fit at that moment and organizing when I made it to the destination. I’m so thankful I’ve grown in my organizational skills and can rub off all my good genes on Emma.

Detailed lists are the perfect way to save time while packing and ensure you don’t forget an important piece. Even though I’m a self-proclaimed fashionista, packing toiletries is my favorite part of packing. Transferring products into travel sized bottles is peaceful and to know I won’t have to break my daily regimen makes wherever I end up, feel like home. With OTG|247 bags, I can keep these items close enough for emergency use. You never know when you’ll need tissue or a toothbrush on a flight. Plan on having a carry-on? Fly through TSA with the #4 Nudie for your liquids.  A second bag, the #5, is also a must-have to keep earbuds, cords and electronics safe but accessible.

Emma has taken over creating her own activity pack in a #8 bag. Activity sheets, art supplies, and Shopkins are all I’ve seen make it in but I suppose she knows what will keep her entertained better than anyone.

Unfortunately, I’m going to be crunching cases on the flight so I’m going to be dependent on my OTG|247 bags to keep me together. This is organized trip packing 2.0. I’m keeping my #9 with my laptop and my #10 bag by my side with files so I can knock out some work and rush straight to family time. Speaking of rush— I found the perfect way to speed up the luggage collection carousel without having to use random ribbon or flip 5 bags. The OTG|247 Mini Luggage Tags are heaven sent. Not only can my family quickly identify our suitcases but we look like a family of pulled together bosses grabbing and rolling out of the airport. Talk about travel essentials!

Safe travels and happy organizing friends!