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I am SO excited for the holiday season! I have been keeping a list all year for the perfect gifts, especially for my two sweet daughters who seem to want something new every week! I am hosting family from out of town this year, so I am trying to get everything wrapped up before they come.

FOR KENDALL: My oldest is OBSESSED with American Girl Dolls, so I’m getting her this super cute carrier to keep her doll safe while on the go!

FOR BOOK CLUB EXCHANGE: I love my girls at book club. Is there a more perfect OTG|247 bag than one with words? SO clever!

FOR NIECE: My brother and his family are coming into town! I know my teenage niece will love printing out her favorite Instagram pictures!

FOR TEACHER #1: Teachers LOVE being organized. What better gift than two OTG|247 bags to keep their large totes organized throughout the work day!

FOR STELLA: My youngest is obsessed with babies!

FOR SISTER-IN-LAW: My sister-in-law is also a yogi, so she’ll be stylish in her next class with this Alo Yoga and Spiritual Gangster combo.

FOR TEACHER #2: Same as teacher #1, there’s nothing like gifting a great organization system with OTG|247.  

FOR BROTHER: My little brother LOVES going out on his boat during the summer. I know he’ll really enjoy this waterproof speaker.

FOR TATE: My hubby’s getting these airpods to go with his new iPhone. He loves going to the gym so I know he’ll love these. 

December 14, 2017 — {O}{O} Girl Diana