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I am so crazy, I don't have much time to shop in-store for my holiday gifts this year. With that said, I have been keeping a running list of things I need to order to stay on top of things.

Here’s a round-up of the easy and thoughtful gifts I found for my family and friends:

  1. FOR EMMA: Emma’s been crazy for this Fin Fun Mermaid Tail all year! I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she opens it up.

  2. FOR SISTER-IN-LAW: These interchangeable placemats are the best gifts for busy moms who still want gorgeous table décor year-round—they are SO easy to wipe clean and you can change the inserts depending on the season!

  3. FOR MOM: My mom is a beauty junkie. I got her an OTG|247 #5 bag in hot pink, and added in her favorite Tom Ford lipstick and Patchology eye masks!

  4. FOR ASSISTANT: My assistant is already super organized so I know she will love OTG|247 bags! I’m going all out this year by gifting her the 1-10 bags set to show her how much I appreciate her hard work.

  5. FOR HAIRDRESSER: My hairdresser has transformed my hair over the last year, and there’s no better way to show her love than with her favorite body crème. It’s my favorite too!

  6. FOR MY GIRLFIRENDS: We have a girls’ night exchange every year. We LOVE wine so I’m gifting her with an OTG|247 FOODIE in White with 2 bottles of our favorite Whispering Angel!

  7. FOR EMMA’S TEACHER: Gifting another OTG|247, this time with a gold S’well Bottle! I know teachers will appreciate this stylish lunchbox alternative.

  8. FOR MYSELF: I’ve worked hard this year. I’ve been eyeing this House of Lavande Golden Fish Tassel Necklace for MONTHS, so I’m gifting it to myself this year!

  9. FOR MARK: This Shinola watch will make for the perfect addition to his ever-growing watch collection!

  10. FOR BROTHER: My brother and his family are always traveling, but he’s so disorganized! I’m hoping this OTG|247 JW set will keep my sister-in-law sane during their future travels.

  11. FOR DAD: For any golf-lover, this rangefinder is a MUST. I know my dad will love this!