We all want our children to succeed in school. Their grades, self-esteem, and overall health mean the world to us. It is so important to me that my children show up for school organized and ready to go! It all starts at home. We all have busy lives, but, trust me, knowing how to get your child organized for school is worth it.


These seven organization tips for school will help you set your children up for success - and save your sanity!


1. Use Checklists to keep track of assignments, due dates, events, and tests.

2. Create a Schedule by using a planner to block of time for your child to work on school assignments.


3. Workspace Is Key! Organization tips for school start at home for me. Our work spaces are clear of clutter and distraction.

4. Label, Separate, and Color Code all the materials in your child’s backpack. We keep a separate notebook and folder for each subject and color code and label them so each subject is a different color. My #8s are perfect for keeping subject materials separated.

5. Avoid Clutter by regularly cleaning out folders, pencil bags, and backpacks. Papers can build up and lead to a lot of unnecessary clutter.

6. Know What Materials Are Needed for each subject and be sure they are always packed.

7. Prepare for After School Activities. Whether it’s soccer, ballet, or math club, make sure you pack a few healthy snacks to avoid brain drain! (I know it happens to me at about 3:00 pm each day unless I have some protein!) The insulated, wipe-clean #7 is perfect for a cold drink and some goodies.


Perhaps the most important suggestion for how to get your child organized for school is to spend time preparing with your child each night so they go to bed knowing they have what they need packed up and ready to go for the next day.

September 14, 2018 — {O}{O} Girl Diana