Although our beloved groundhog predicted that winter will stick around for another six weeks, it’s never too early to get a head start on spring cleaning. We compiled a list of 6 ways to organize your life with your OTG|247 bags to help inspire you to start early!

1.  Write everything down: Let’s keep it real here, a lot of us have a hard time remembering everything. We keep a mini notebook, agenda and pen in our #6 bag to keep our to-do lists and keep track of important dates coming up. Write everything down and you won’t forget it!

2.  Clean as you go: Don’t wait for your handbag to overflow with wrappers and tangled headphones before you clean it out. We like to keep it organized on the daily with our bag-in-bag system. Keep at least two to three designated OTG|247 bags.

3.  Keep track of your receipts: There’s nothing worse than approaching tax season with a sense of panic because you can’t remember where you put your receipts or which handbag they’re in. We love our #4 bag to keep our receipts for the week or month, then transfer and organize them into a file folder when we’re ready.

4.  Pre-pack your gym bag: Trust us on this one—you’re less likely to miss a gym session if you pack your OTG|247 #10 bag with your essentials the night before. There’s nothing worse than scrambling to find your boxing gloves before a 7:00 a.m. session!

5.  Give everything a home: OTG|247 isn’t just cute bags—it’s a lifestyle and a system. Everything in your life needs a home, and our bags are your solution. Whether you work while also juggling after-school activities with your kids, are constantly traveling or going to the gym every day, you’ll never forget anything if all of your day-to-day essentials have a specific place so you can just GO!

6.  Declutter your life: Not only are OTG|247 bags the best purse organizers, but they really help you keep track of what you actually need and use every day. For example, you should go through your #4 Nudie on a monthly basis to see what makeup products you’re actually using. Does your foundation shade still match your current skin tone? Are you over that lip gloss? There’s no sense in keeping your bags cluttered with things you don’t use. 


We hope these tips will help you get more organized and get a head start on spring cleaning this year. What are some of the ways OTG|247 bags have helped you organize your life? 


Ready to get more organized? Check out the OTG|247 Organizational Bag-in-Bag System.

February 19, 2018 — {O}{O} Girl Holly
Tags: Bags in Bags