1. Sol Janeiro - Bum Bum Cream, Brazilian 4-play Body Wash Love the smell and texture

2. Sal Janeiro - Baby Oil - It gives your legs the perfect glow

3. Fresh - Fresh Rose Toner - Smells yummy and SO refreshing!

4. Taja Collection - Custom Casa Candle - The perfect personalized gift!

5. Aviator Nation - Sweatpants, Tshirts, Hoodies - This is a great option for tweens and teens! Love everything from this brand.

6. Cheeseboard - Cheeseboards For Delivery - Love sending these to out of towners! Who doesn't love CHEESE?

7. Josephine Alexander - Hats - These hats are SO unique and I always get tons of compliments when I wear mine.

8. Barefoot Contessa - Cookbook - I LOVE Ina Garten, her recipes are delicious, I have all of her cookbooks and use them all consistently.

9. Goodr - Sunglasses - These are just fun!

10. Mayim - Collapsable Water Bottle - It collapses and hooks on your tote!

11. Seagua - Barnacle Speaker - Love the size and its loud! Love this for golf or just out and about!

12. Gypsy Life Surf Shop - Dream Catcher - These dreamcatchers are so whimsy and FUN! Great gift for teens/tweens.

13. Gypsy Life Surf Shop Jewelry - Stackable Rings - I love that you can put together a special set for a special someone.

14. OmCakiOm - Crystals - Everything on this site is special, they come with the most amazing spiritual and inspiring messages.

15. Amazon - Portable Battery Operated Fan - Love these fans for golf. When its hot, these fans cool you off and are amazing to clip on your cart to keep the air moving.

16. Bushnell - Wingman Speakers - Any dude that plays golf will be thrilled with this gift, its magnetic, has great sound and will give you distances!

17. Chargeball - Chargeballs - These are great gifts for any age! Keep the sports fun going into the evening with these glow balls!

18. Roberta Roller Rabbit - Pajamas - Love these jammies for everyone in the fam!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


November 09, 2022 — Amie Swan