The title seems to be a bit of an oxymoron, but the key to traveling with kids is to always be prepared.  I use a large tote and file the OTG|247 bags on the inside in different colors/patterns so I can easily grab whatever I need. Here is a breakdown of how I pack my carry-on for a flight with the kiddos!  

#1- Wallet, boarding passes, phone (I use the 12" wristlet strap for added security around the strap of my tote)

#2- My personals - make-up, gloss etc.

#4- My essentials - sunglasses, mints, earbuds, chargers, extra battery

#5- ER Kit- I always carry this when I have the kids...but here is a list of what it has in it...bandaids/Neosporin, anti-bacterial wipes, tide pen, Benadryl, Zofran (in case someone starts profusely vomiting), Tylenol, Thermometer, Advil, Tissues, Floss

#6- Treats for Positive Reinforcement AKA Bribery...little toys, trinkets and sweets

#7- FOODIE- Snacks

#8- Extra set of clothes for each kid and an extra t-shirt for never know when there will be a spill or accident

#8- My laptop, files and magazines

Then each kiddo gets a #8 with their iPad, earphone and charger and a #6 with toys in their backpack.

Hope this list helps your travel a little bit easier...if not, just keep calm and ORDER WINE!

June 01, 2016 — Amie Swan